Portraits in CP across Europe – Call for participants

There is a personal history behind every community psychologist but these stories are rarely told in public. Students, for instance, often find it very useful to learn about how one “enters” community psychology and develops a commitment to it. Yet there has been little interest in generating venues where community psychologists can share their stories. I believe there is a lot to learn from diverse personal stories told by community psychologists across Europe. I am interested in compiling personal stories of community psychologists and introducing them to a wide audience under the title, Portraits in Community Psychology across Europe. This initiative has been endorsed by ECPA and the portraits will be presented on the ECPA web site.The plan is simple:

  • I will invite participants to answer 5 questions via email.
  • These will be questions that invite short answers.
  • Each participant will have two weeks to respond.
  • The compilation will be in English – for now.
  • There will be room for creativity, photos, songs, videos and possibly more.

If you identify as a community psychologist and you would like to share your story, please let me know via email at serdardegirmencioglu at gmail.com. I will get back to you quickly.

Serdar M. Degirmencioglu