Enjoy Art and Nature – Creative Art Bicycle Tours

‘Umanand aufm Land’ (Rumble in the countryside) was the motto of several weekends around Bad Waldsee, a small town in Germany’s south-west. Public biking along a cultural trail has been accompanied by musicians, actors, acrobats, photographers and many more who showed their art along the way. More than 40 artists took part. A local cultural association as organizer, supported by the municipality, and funded by a state corona aid program offered an innovative way to experience creative art in nature.

Picture from dieBildschirmzeitung

The event caused an incredible enthusiasm for organized Creative Arts Bicycle Tours in the countryside with the participation of diverse artists. All kinds of groups enjoyed biking in nature combined with cultural events. The demand by the citizens has been overwhelming. Private sponsors offer their support and Creative Arts Bike Tours will be organized again next year. Local artists finally developed a platform for their work.

These events show that culture and art is an important part in our society. Art not only creates openness and generosity, but also community building in times of crises.

Story shared by Cornelia Gretz, Germany.

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