Community psychology and Covid-19: Towards an environmental justice?

Webinar with Donata Francescato, June 11, 2020

About the webinar

Covid 19, health and climate change are not distant cousins! Let’s not get back to normal after coronavirus! The old normal has polluted our Earth, created vulnerabilities and oppressions, and now is the time to create new futures.

Community psychology and environmental justice

For many decades, community psychology has been fighting oppression, violence, poverty, inequalities, and discrimination while environmental problems have been neglected in our research and practice.

  • Will the coronavirus make community psychologists more interested in climate justice?
  • Should fighting environmental injustice be the top priority for community psychologists?
  • What attitudes do you think most community psychologists have toward climate change?  
  • What can community psychologists do as professionals and activists to increase environmental justice?  
  • Should community psychologists promote a planetary sense of community?
Picture by Desiree Martin/AFP/Getty Images

Rethinking our approach

The burden of climate change is extremely high, and it is already negatively impacting the health and well-being of our communities.

  • What are the most urgent environmental problems?
  • Do you want to save the planet you live in?  
  • Is there a “real world” or is everything socially constructed? 
  • Can we reach sustainable development by 2030?
  • Would you invest in a green bond?
Picture by Pax Ahimsa Gethen

About the presenter

Donata Francescato: is an Italian former Professor of Community Psychology and currently scientific director of ASPIC, in Rome,  she co-founded the feminist magazine “Effe” in the 70s and created an online archive in 2015 ( She received an Award from the European Community Psychology Association in 2013 for advancing CP both in Italy and in Europe, and for developing specific intervention and research methods involving community profiles and organizational analysis. In 2019, she was selected for the Award for Special Contributions to Community Psychology from the Division 27 of the American Psychological Association, for her contributions to theory, research, methodologies and training and her dissemination to the general public through mass media intervention ( She introduced the Participatory Multidimensional Organizational Analysis (PMOA) model, Socio-Political Empowerment Training Labs, and innovative online collaborative learning models for conducting integrative, interdisciplinary, and empowering community practice. Since 2019 she has been  an activist in the Parents group of the movement promoted by Greta Thurnberg, Fridays for the Future (FFF).