The Village That Built its Own Wi-Fi Network

The community of Mankosi, South Africa, in collaboration with researchers from the university of Western Cape, build their own stable and affordable wi-fi. The system is a low-energy, using scattered nodes instead of a central mast or beacons that are used by traditional telecom networks. The system is powered by solar.

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The outcomes included affordable wi-fi in the village; the WIFI helped students to do research; it became a source of income for those selling wi-fi vouchers, as well as for the technician; money from the sale of wi-fi is channeled to other community projects, and it brings the community together in monthly meetings to discuss wi-fi related matters.

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Story shared by Margaret Sergon, USA

Kenyan Woman’s Startup Recycles Plastic Waste into Bricks

The struggle of civil servants in the city of Nairobi to dispose of plastic wastes inspired Nzambi Matee, a young engineer in Kenya. Matee responded to the challenge by starting the Gjenge Makers to transform plastic wastes into durable paving materials. Matee collects polyethylene and polypropylene that local plants cannot process any further and converts them into various paving stones.

Since the company began in 2018, it has recycled nearly 20 metric tons of plastic waste and has created jobs for 110 people.

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This innovation did not only address the challenge of disposing of plastic wastes. It created employment, thus reducing poverty for the 110 employees.

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Story shared by Margaret Sergon, USA

New Jersey Teens Take Matters into Their Own Hands to Help First Responders and Small

Two teenagers,16-year-old Drew and 13-year-old Heather Paglia created a GoFund to help local businesses and health care workers during the Covid-19 pandemic. The idea was to raise money to help small businesses and healthcare heroes. Since they created the crowdfunding page, the teens have raised $2,250 and they still hope to reach their goal of $20,000.

One hospital was able to purchase gift cards to give to those being released from the hospital to provide food and make sure they stay at home.

This story brings an important lesson on creative ways to support local businesses.

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Story shared by Margaret Sergon, USA, based on a story originally collected by the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies of Ball State University, Indiana, USA.

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