Caterina Arcidiacono

Psychologist, Psychoanalyst,  Full Professor of Community Psychology, Department of  Humanities – Federico II University of Naples (Italy).

ECPA President  2011-2013;  ECPA Treasurer  2014-2017; 2017-2019.

She is founder of ENCP (European Network of Community Psychologists) and ECPA (European Community Psychology Association);

She is Director of the Community Psychology Lab at the Federico II University, Naples

Editor  in Chief  of the international online journal on  gender studies: La Camera Blu

Her online master course in Community psychology is available on

She is former Coordinator of the Phd Course in  Gender Studies, of Federico II University of Naples. Cofounder and former Deputy President (1996-2010) of Fondazione Mediterraneo.

Director of the Biannual Post-graduate Master Course in “Theories in Community Complexity and Development” on behalf of the Mediterranean Laboratory Foundation appointed by the Ministry for University and Scientific Research (2000-2002).

Director of the EU- JUSTICE Project  2018-2020. (VIDACS ) Violent dads in child shoes.

Her peculiar research area concerns the woman-man relationship with special reference to gender asymmetry, migration and intercultural dialogue.


Skype: caterina_arcidiacono

Facebook: phdgenderstudies; phdgenderstudiesfriends