Call for papers: Understanding Environmental Justice

Special Issue Call for Papers, Understanding Environmental Justice, Social Sciences.

Environmental justice is based on psychological and social processes related to shared practices and characterized by solidarity, mutual respect and the understanding of rights and duties for all peoples and living beings. Any individual, independently of their geographical or cultural origin, is considered to have the right to be free from any form of discrimination or prejudice.

Environmental justice promotes ethics and responsibility in the use of land and renewable resources in the interest of a sustainable planet. Topics relating to the extraction, production and disposal of waste whose management threatens the fundamental right to clean the air, land, water and food will be valid for this Special Issue.

A significant part of this Issue will be dedicated to workers and their rights to stay in safe and healthy environments.

Issues relating to politics and economics will not be excluded, but these must not have the character of propaganda or meanings of supremacy. The Special Issue is intended to enhance multiple research perspectives, mixed methods, as well as traditional qualitative and quantitative approaches.

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Special Issue Editors: Dr Eugenio De Gregorio, Dr Marco Boffi, Dr Lavinia Cicero, Dr Nicola Rainisio, Dr Lorenza Tiberio.

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 15 January 2023.