Maria Vargas-Moniz

Maria Vargas-Moniz, PhD. Community Psychology – Assistant Professor at ISPA – IU in Lisboa Portugal, and Researcher for the Horizon 2020 Project HOME_EU Homelessness as Unfairness GA/726997; ECPA President (2017-2019), and President of the Portuguese National Federation of Rehabilitation Organizations, and in that quality is a member of the Portuguese National Council for Mental Health and of the Executive Board for the National Strategy on Homelessness (2017-2023). Maria has served as board member of the ECPA since 2005, and always supported the activities and electoral procedures of the Association. In 2008 was the executive coordinator of the II International Community Psychology Conference held in Lisboa. Maria’s research interests have been around the topics of Community Mental Health, community integration, as well as community coalition’s development and evaluation. More recently, besides the research on Social Policy Development focused on ending homelessness in Europe, is also engaged in a community development program for the promotion of educational achievement