Personal and community story telling in Covid-19 time

The community psychology lab of the University of Naples is collecting stories about Covid-19 lockdown among university students, in collaboration with many other Italian Universities. If you are based in Europe and you are interested in joining the research the University of Naples is willing to expand its collaborations. The research is now going on also in Barcelona (Spain) and Buenos Aires (Argentina).  The Community psychology lab of the University of Naples is willing to share the template and to provide a platform and technical support.

The template includes the following: Referring to this recent lockdown give a careful description of a) One of your  emotions or of some of people who live with you that you will share  b) One of your thoughts connected to the lockdown experience that you will describe and share c) A significant event related to your life,  to people around your, or more generally to the whole globe in these circumstances that you will share. d) A positive or negative action  that you think significant to focalise and to share e) What is the lesson I learned?  Expectations, hope and desires for the post COVID19 era. f) An opportunity or a difficult related to online teaching and to your activities as a university student?

If you want to know more write to caterina.arcidiacono@unina.it

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Obituary – Murray Levine

Murray Levine, a prominent figure in community psychology and one of its leading theorists, died May 4 in Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital, Amherst, NY, after a short illness. He was 92.

He served as president of the American Psychology Association’s Division of Community Psychology in 1999-2000 and received its Distinguished Contribution Award. In 1997, becoming the third person to receive the Seymour B. Sarason Award from the Society for Community Research and Action.

ECPA expresses its sincere condolences to the family and relatives of Murray Levine

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Service learning in higher education

Service Learning and Campus Community Partnerships are well known in some places; elsewhere it will be a relatively new approach to teaching in Higher Education.

Service Learning facilitates academic teaching in collaboration with civil society – teaching that is practically oriented, linked to research, connected to real societal challenges, and aims to develop innovative solutions.

Based on the experience of more than 50 universities and colleges in Germany and Europe, this card deck represents the tacit knowledge and collective wisdom of how to implement successfully Service Learning and Campus Community Partnerships in Higher Education.

For more information visit here.

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